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CBD Pet Tinctures

Your pets can benefit from TruHarvest CBD products as well. Growing research indicates that pets can see pain relief and improved temperament when they have access to high-quality products. At TruHarvest, we offer a range of products you can give your pets with confidence.

Choose our CBD pet tincture products designed for use in various pets (be sure to check with your vet to ensure they are safe for your pet’s needs). We also offer a CBD product designed just for horses.

Our hemp oil extract products are made with the highest quality CBD oils – reaching 99.9% purity. Used properly, they can help your pet to see the best results possible, whether that’s in improving aches and pains or helping the healing process from a wound, injury, or illness.

  • 100 percent locally grown and produced in Southwestern Virginia on our local farm.
  • All of our products are sustainably produced – no chemicals needed to get the results desired.
  • Our products are made from the ground up right here – from the planting of seeds to the extraction for tinctures, ensuring no byproducts or other ingredients are added.
  • Choose from products in safe dosing for your pet’s needs from 150mg to 300 mg, or for horses, up to 3000mg CBD tincture.
  • Delivered to you without THC – these products do not create a high and are legal to use in many areas.

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