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TruHarvest CBD tinctures provide excellent access to relief in an easy-to-use form. Our extracts are made from Full-Spectrum CBD to ensure the finest access. These are all grown and processed right here in Southwest Virginia – from seed to tincture, all in one place. We grow all of our own hemp locally to ensure we control every step of the process. TruHarvest tinctures are produced in a sustainable manner without any use of chemicals.

Our all-natural CBD tinctures deliver the finest quality products to your doorstep. We never use any fake or inferior products or flavorings. Gain the benefits of real cannabis-derived terpenes delivered in the highest quality possible.

  • Choose from numerous flavor profiles, including cinnamon
  • Select the right potency for your needs, including options ranging from 500mg to 1000mg
  • Select from both Isolate and Full-Spectrum products based on your needs and desires
  • Long-lasting results in a simple tincture formula you can add to essential oils or use straight



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