TruSleep CBD Sleep Strips

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Too many sleep aids use strong chemicals and synthetic elements to knock you out. CBD offers a natural and non-habit-forming way to help you drift off into dreamland. Our CBD sleep strips are made from isolate CBD, meaning that we have extracted all substances and compounds from the cannabis plant, leaving pure CBD behind that is THC free.

The hemp plant has many beneficial cannabinoids that work together to deliver better rest. 

For best results, we recommend placing a strip under the tongue so that your body absorbs the CBD faster. Each strip has 10 mg of pure hemp extract and melatonin, another natural sleep aid. Best of all, our strips also improve your breath with their delicious flavor.  

TruFrost Breath Strips

200 mg Premium Hemp Extract per package.
10 mg per strip
20 Strips per package.
THC Free

Truharvest Farms TruSleep Breath Strips are the perfect balance of CBD and Melatonin, (a natural sleep aid).

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