One of the oldest types of medicine on the planet, cannabis has been smoked for thousands of years. While prohibition in the 20th century has clamped down on smoking hemp, the modern relaxation of restrictions has led to a new explosion in hemp pre-rolled joints. Hemp pre-rolls are simply ready-to-smoke joints, capable of being lit up wherever and whenever is most convenient for the user.

The therapeutic properties of hemp are tied to its concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has been scientifically demonstrated to provide relief for a variety of medical conditions, from anxiety and chronic pain to insomnia and diabetes. Unlike THC, CBD does not give a person a high, although many hemp users report feeling euphoria and relaxation after consuming a joint. Furthermore, CBD has no addictive properties, making it a far better pain management choice than some prescription medication.

Choosing CBD Products

The CBD market features many different products that promise to give relief for medical conditions. Choosing the best delivery may be overwhelming if you do not know the advantages of each one; with hemp legal in most of the United States, industries have sprang up to provide everything from CBD sodas to CBD topical creams. When it comes to CBD use, pure hemp is often the most practical means of delivery, which in turn means smoking the flower of the plant itself.

What is a Hemp Joint?

Cannabis producers grow variants of the plant that have exact chemical ratios. Hemp, the male cannabis plant, is typically grown with high ratios of CBD, a contrast to marijuana, the female cannabis plant, typically grown with high ratios of THC. While hemp looks and smells like marijuana, it has many key differences, and smoking a hemp joint is nowhere near like smoking a joint of marijuana.

Hemp, unlike marijuana, has almost no THC and does not produce the high when smoked. Smoking dried hemp flowers, however, does deliver CBD rapidly into the bloodstream, delivering relief at a much faster pace than a CBD edible which may take hours to digest. A joint of hemp, smoked like a tobacco cigarette, is easy to carry about and convenient to use, making it a preferred delivery for many people. A pre-rolled joint, or simply a pre-roll, is a smokable joint of hemp that you do not have to roll yourself.

What are the Benefits of Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are easy to use, requiring almost no preparation. If you have ever purchased rolling papers yourself and tried to roll up a joint, you may have realized how difficult it can be – especially if you need CBD relief from stress or aching joints and struggle with the dexterity needed for rolling. Rather than task a person with grinding up hemp flowers, carefully rolling up a joint, and hoping that it will not come apart, a pre-roll joint makes it convenient to get a CBD delivery when it is needed. Technique is key for a pre-roll, since these joints are made to burn evenly with a smooth delivery.

Smoking a hemp flower will quickly cause it to be metabolized into the bloodstream. The CBD within hemp is quickly disseminated through your body, neutralizing pain, improving mood, and delivering relief. By contrast, an edible may take several hours to make its way into your bloodstream. A pre-roll will deliver satisfaction immediately in a situation where you cannot afford to wait for the effects to kick in.

Another advantage of pre-rolls is that they are fairly inexpensive. Since CBD creams or concentrates require extensive processing, their costs are higher than simple hemp in a rolled joint. If budget is a concern for your medication management, a pre-roll of hemp flowers will go much farther than topicals, oils, or edibles. What’s more, the extraction of CBD and its processing into a cream or topical may skew the balance of what is needed by your body. By contrast, a hemp flower has a set quantity of CBD and a user can quickly gauge how much they need to smoke to feel relief – sort of in the same way that a vitamin pill may deliver far more vitamins than your body needs, while a piece of fruit will have exactly what you need.

A final benefit of pre-rolls is that they can help with tobacco addiction management. Hemp pre-rolls contain none of the nicotine of tobacco cigarettes or cigars, but tobacco users may find that smoking a pre-roll can give the same psychological boost as smoking a traditional cigarette (especially since CBD will calm nerves and deliver relaxation). If you are looking for a way to step down from regular tobacco use, a pre-rolled hemp joint can be the best way to treat an addiction.

Types of Pre-Rolls

The hemp market has produced a variety of different pre-rolls that give users different results and experiences. There are many strains of hemp flowers and different strains provide better relief for specific ailments, such as digestion, mood, sleep, and pain. A pre-roll is sure to have the highest quality flowers without sticks, stems, or seeds. Premium pre-rolled hemp has no pesticides or chemical treatments, making it safe for smoking.

Finally, pre-rolls have different types of paper for the roll itself. The paper imparts a specific taste that can complement the flavor of the hemp. A pre-roll will have high quality paper that not only tastes good (and can even have multiple flavors, like lemon or lavender) but will also burn evenly so that your joint doesn’t only partially burn.