What are CBD Strips?

What are CBD Strips? - TruHarvest Farms

As CBD becomes more mainstream, companies are figuring out new and creative ways to incorporate this substance into various products. While tinctures and balms are pretty standard, there is a new kid on the block: CBD strips. What’s great about these products is that they allow you to absorb the CBD faster while providing other tangible benefits. Let’s see what these strips are all about.

What are CBD Strips?

If you’ve seen breath mint strips before, you should be familiar with this concept. The idea is that, rather than using pills, creams, or eyedroppers to get CBD, you can put a slim, discreet strip in your mouth. These products dissolve quickly so that the cannabidiol hits your system much faster. There is a sublingual artery at the bottom of your mouth that allows the mixture to enter your bloodstream directly.

Why Use CBD Strips?

There are multiple ways to use CBD, but each one has its limitations. For example, if you smoke THC-free marijuana, you have to wait for your lungs to absorb the cannabidiol. Also, smoking can be hard to do in certain areas, particularly where it’s banned. CBD creams work well as topical ointments for moisturizing or muscle pain, but it takes a while for any CBD to enter your bloodstream.

Overall, strips can give you all the benefits of cannabidiol in much less time. Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons to use CBD strips:

Discreet – Pulling a tincture out of your pocket can be quite noticeable. However, since breath strips are much more commonplace, you can pull out a pack anytime, anywhere, even if you’re with people who aren’t about that CBD life.

Powerful – Strips can deliver a more potent blend of cannabidiol directly to your sublingual artery. When using full-spectrum CBD products (like those from TruHarvest), the effects are even better.

Versatile – These products can provide a lot more than a dose of CBD. As we’ll discuss, you can use them for multiple purposes, including energy and sleep.

One factor we should point out about CBD strips is that you don’t take them like you would a regular breath strip. Rather than placing the square on your tongue (as you might assume), you have to put it underneath. It will feel a little weird the first couple of times, but since the strip dissolves quickly, that feeling goes away soon.

The reason to go under the tongue is to hit that sublingual artery. If you use the strips the other way, most of the CBD will go into your stomach, where acids can dilute or destroy it.

Types of CBD Strips

One problem with tinctures is that they only have one purpose. However, even though cannabidiol has plenty of benefits on its own, why not combine it with other ingredients to make something even more useful?

At TruHarvest, we’ve unveiled three unique CBD strips, including:

Frost Breath Strips

While you’re reducing inflammation and calming your nerves, you can also get cool, minty breath. The best part about CBD is that there is no way to overdo it, so you can pop some breath strips multiple times a day with no downsides or side effects.

CBD Breath Strips

Sleep Aid

Good sleep is hard to come by in today’s society. While there are tons of reasons why falling and staying asleep is a challenge, one problem is a lack of melatonin and serotonin – natural brain chemicals that help us sleep. Another culprit of insomnia is cortisol, aka the stress hormone. If you have too much cortisol in your system at night, your brain can’t relax.

Fortunately, CBD helps regulate your brain chemicals and can reduce cortisol levels. TruHarvest sleep strips also come with a healthy dose of melatonin to kick-start the sleep process. Best of all, since these ingredients go directly into your bloodstream, you can feel their effects much sooner.

CBD Sleep Aid


Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory and helps relieve stress and anxiety, most people assume that it provides a calming effect. So, putting CBD in an energy strip might seem counterintuitive. However, cannabidiol works primarily by regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system handles many internal processes, including metabolism and energy levels.

Based on research, low amounts of CBD can stimulate your body, while higher amounts can help you sleep. So, you can get the best of both worlds with the same ingredient.

When talking about TruHarvest Energy Strips, though, we’ve added vitamin B12 and caffeine to the mix, so you’ll notice an immediate boost.

CBD Energy Strips

The Full-Spectrum Difference

While CBD has taken the world by storm, one issue is that it is unregulated. The lack of oversight means that anyone with a label-maker can say that their products contain CBD, even if they don’t. Worse, some companies use subpar cannabidiol, which is only slightly better than taking sugar water.

TruHarvest, however, uses full-spectrum CBD, meaning that we use the whole plant instead of trying to extract only the cannabidiol. This process ensures better potency and health benefits. You can check out our certificate of authenticity as well.

Bottom Line: Let’s Get Stripping

CBD strips are easy to use and deliver excellent results. No matter how you want to take your CBD, you can get the most out of it in strip form. Check out the products online and see how they can work for you.