As CBD continues its slow march toward world domination, more and more companies and manufacturers are starting to use the component in their products. The latest businesses to embrace the virtues of CBD is the cosmetic industry, which utilizes the benefits of cannabidiol to their fullest extent.

Now that more cosmetic products are coming to market, we want to take a closer look at how CBD affects these items. Does CBD offer any clear benefits? And if it does, what are they, and how can we take advantage? Here’s what we discovered.

Why Do Cosmetics Makers Use CBD?

At the legal level, hemp was made legal by the Farm Bill of 2018. For hemp to be legal, it must have 0.3 percent or less THC. This legalization enables more companies to research and utilize CBD for various purposes. Thanks to this research, we’ve discovered some incredible benefits of cannabidiol, including:

  • Moisture Retention – The body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates various bodily processes, including your skin. Since cannabidiol stimulates the ECS, it can help your skin feel more hydrated and rejuvenated. While CBD won’t necessarily moisturize your skin by itself, it can help the body retain more moisture for longer. Based on one study, CBD showed a noticeable improvement in moisture retention, but more research is necessary to see how much can achieve maximum potency.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties – One of the best reasons to take CBD supplements is to reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is another element regulated by your ECS, so it makes sense that CBD products can help reduce redness and swelling. Some examples of skin inflammation can include acne, scarring, or redness from dry skin.
  • Helps Signs of Aging – One way to help your skin look younger is to reduce the amount of damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, and CBD is a natural antioxidant. So, using CBD cosmetics can help you look younger and maintain firmer skin.

As you can imagine, all these benefits work together to make your skin as healthy as possible. So, even if you don’t have a specific condition like acne or eczema, your skin can still feel refreshed and moisturized. Over time, a CBD regimen can help you look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Which Cosmetic Products Use CBD?

Technically, the best way to refresh your endocannabinoid system is to ingest CBD directly. You can do this through your digestive or circulatory system. For example, you can place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue so that it gets into your body quickly.

That said, topical treatments can yield targeted results for your skin. One example would be applying CBD acne cream directly on your pimples to help them go away. Here are some additional examples of the types of CBD-infused cosmetic products you can find.

  • Body Lotions – You don’t need a specific reason to use CBD-infused cosmetic products. Body lotions allow you to target various body parts, such as your elbows, hands, knees, and other areas that can get dried out and damaged more easily. Most people use CBD body lotion in their regular routine, ensuring that your ECS is always working correctly.
  • Eye Creams – The skin around your eyes is highly sensitive, which is why laugh lines can develop so quickly. Thanks to CBD’s benefits, you can apply eye creams regularly to keep the skin tight and moisturized.
  • Lip Butter – Your lips can get dry and cracked pretty quickly, especially in cold weather. So, CBD-infused balms can help your lips stay moist and refreshed all day long. Regular lip balm can worsen the problem, but CBD products work with your body for better results.
  • Muscle Cream – These creams work well to reduce muscle inflammation caused by exercise and other activities. Muscle creams are meant to relieve pain and soreness, but taking care of your muscles can help them look tighter and feel more refreshed.

FAQs About CBD in Cosmetics

Is CBD Safe to Use in Cosmetics?

Yes, CBD is a natural, non-toxic compound. CBD use is also legal, so any products that use cannabidiol are perfectly safe. That said, some items may be more potent than others, and CBD can affect some people more significantly. It’s best to sample various products to see which ones are best for your needs.

Does CBD Provide a Noticeable Difference?

Since CBD is still new to the industry, it’s hard to tell what kind of long-term benefits it will have. However, preliminary evidence suggests that CBD-infused products work more efficiently than those without it, and users don’t have to reapply the product as often. Again, CBD affects people differently, so some users may see significant changes while others might not. Overall, there’s a bit of trial and error involved.

How to Choose CBD Cosmetic Products?

There are a few factors to pay attention to when picking a CBD-infused cosmetic product, such as:

  • Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate – Full-spectrum CBD uses the entire hemp plant, which often offers more health benefits. Research indicates that hemp is much more potent than its individual parts. So, you might get more CBD with an isolate, but it might not work as well as full-spectrum CBD.
  • Independent Testing – Unfortunately, there’s no government oversight for CBD products yet, so manufacturers can make any claims they want about the amount of CBD and its potency. High-quality manufacturers get their products tested by independent labs to verify their efficacy. Look for these certificates so that you’re sure you’re getting what you pay for.