TruHarvest Farms, Southwest Virginia’s largest producer of plant to pure hemp-based products, is excited to announce our new 2021 CBD Product Line pricing structure. The new structure is consistent with our focus on our customers and we strongly believe that it will provide more people access to our product lines to see the benefits of CBD for themselves.

This past year was exciting for TruHarvest Farms as we completed our second growing season and have one of the largest CBD raw material inventories in the United States. With the completed construction at our facility, TruHarvest Farms now has full in-house production and processing capabilities which has allowed us to gain efficiencies in our production resulting in big cost savings. According to TruHarvest founder Matt Hagan, “the more we learn about CBD and the potential health benefits from it, the more excited we are to share our products with as many people as possible. We are getting better and better at what we do and the end result is premium quality CBD at a great value price that allows more people to try the products and see the results in their own lives. If I am able to produce it for less, I want to pass that along to my customers. It’s what I believe in as a farmer and business owner.”

In addition to online purchasing, the full line of TruHarvest products are available at our retail store TruHarvest Mercantile located in the Uptown Christiansburg Mall.